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Steel Buildings by Corle

Roof and Wall Panel Color Selection

Ceram-A-Star® 1050 "Bright Red" Paint Finish is now available.

*40-year, peel, flake, adhesion limited warranty.
*30-year, sidewall panels color stability, chalking limited warranty.

*Ask your Corle representative for complete warranty details.

CLICK HERE to visit the Ceram-A-Star® web site.

TRINAR® PVDF resin-based coating finishes come standard on all Corle buildings!

Color Selection Guide Featuring TRINAR® PVDF resin-based finish.

When you choose Corle 'R,' 'A,' 24 or 26 gauge panels for commercial or industrial buildings, you can also choose from a selection of twelve great high quality TRINAR® PVDF resin-based coating colors. All of our trim is also available in the same colors at no extra charge.

Please note:
Our "Arctic White" roof panels meet the EPA "Cool Roof" solar reflectance requirements.

TRINAR® PVDF resin-based coating. This tough, flexible, strongly-bonded finish provides the following benefits:

• Long-lasting beauty and protection
• TRINAR® PVDF resin-based finish 40-year limited warranty
• Exceptional durability
• Remarkable resistance to environmental aging and dirt retention
• Proven capability of withstanding the ultra-violet rays of the sun and the degrading effects of    weather extremes from the equator to the arctic
• Resists fading, chalking, cracking, and airborne pollutants
• Virtually maintenance free and non-staining
• Resistant to color change
• Resistant to film erosion
• Resistant to fungal growth

CLICK HERE to visit the TRINAR® Web Site.

CLICK HERE to view our TRINAR® 40 year wararnty.

CLICK HERE to view our Galvalume 25 year wararnty.

Regardless of the TRINAR® PVDF resin-based finish color you choose,
your Corle panels come with a 40-year limited warranty!

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