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"Corle Building Systems is an outstanding business partner. From quick turn-around quotes, competitive pricing, on time deliveries, and erection-friendly buildings, their product and customer service are top-notch! When we have a question, we find their employees friendly, helpful, and willing to go the second mile to provide a quick answer. It is a pleasure doing business with Corle Building Systems.”


Richard L. Hoover - Hoover Buildings

"I am writing to let you know that we are very pleased with the fabrication of your building. All drawings, engineering documents and materials were delivered on time without mistakes or miss-fabrications.

There was no damage during shipping, delivery was as scheduled. We had critical dimensions for door openings located in the foundation that were factory fabricated and matched perfectly. We did not have any shortages or overage. Literally, there was not even one tear in the insulation while installing. The result was a happy customer, erecting without delays and quick payment with no reason for delay. I thank everyone for their hard work and attention to detail."


Kindest regards,


Robert Bouvier, President - All Metal Buildings

"The current project under construction is progressing well. All involved are pleased with the building and how it is going together. Your Customer Service person is doing a great job servicing our minor issues as they come up. Other project vendors have commented on the nice, clean look of the building. The owner is pleased."


Project Manager/Estimator - CHA Tech Services LLC

"First, let me congratulate Corle with regard to detailing, speed, and most importantly fabrication. Customer service was great. From the reps to the estimating/detailing/engineering departments, I received outstanding attention.


I was extremely pleased, as was my crew erector foreman (who has been erecting for 39 years) with the simplicity and accuracy of the structure we purchased. Components were correct, clips and holes were accurate, columns were straight, and one particular issue that we found to be outstanding was the light end wall connection at the ridge where the rafters and center column come together. That one detail is excellent and makes it very erector friendly.


Your truck was loaded and spaced perfectly with dunnage to expedite off-loading. Your drawings were simple, accurate and did not contain every detail known to man thrown in for good measure like all of the other manufacturers do.


Finally, the price was competitive and fair. Taking into consideration the short turn-a-round time from ratification of contract to delivery, as compared to all other manufacturers, your quote was superior.


Thanks for great customer support and a well thought out structure with matching fabrication proficiency."


Stephen V. Raleigh, President and CEO - S.V.RALEIGH CORPORATION

"Last week a metal building salesman stopped in and, after seeing the Corle plaques in our lobby, asked me if we ever considered hooking up with a "national" supplier. I just chuckled and told him we've been there and done that, and that over the last ten years, we've found the convenience of Corle's location and the tremendous flexibility Corle gives us in scheduling deliveries makes Corle the logical choice for supplying most of our projects.


I told him I feel like a spoiled child in some instances because Corle is that willing to give PAME what we need, if there is any possible way of making it happen. Then the guy went ahead and dug the hole a little deeper by telling me that they really offer a vast array of products, and, as an example,

told me that I'd have FOUR choices of Kynar colors with his Co. I had to laugh again and tell him that I choose from twelve right now!"


Neil Glick - PAME Construction

"I am very impressed with the look of the building. I have been talking about your buildings to some people around town and there is a lot of interest in the Galvanized secondary and gray primer. Thanks."


Craig - The Arbor Companies


"I think the (QuickQuote) program is great -- very user friendly!"


Cathy - Durable Steel

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