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Preassembled Commercial Doors/ Window Solutions

Corle Building Systems is well known for providing a door system for the metal building industry that provides reliable quality with easy and fast installation. Walk doors are often a problem for builders and erectors. Damage, loss, and quality of components, among others, are issues that are faced when using the traditional knockdown door system. Corle takes a different approach when providing a door system to solve these common issues. 

Our door systems at Corle are completely factory assembled, including all hardware and sub-frame system (frame opening). As a result, our doors can be installed both easily and timely. No additional cutting or welding is necessary. We even provide the glass in our lite kits!!

Corle Building Systems strongly believes that builders need and want choices. Builders have options for sizes, colors, door gages, and door skin, in addition to the hardware options listed. These choices put builders in control of the specific designs for the doors. 

Windows V2.png

The Corle Self-Flashing window system solves the common problems encountered by builders and erectors. For example, movement in the window and wall, glazing, and the difficulty in getting a good seal of caulk around the perimeter. Our window system is self-flashing and simple to install. 

The thermal break frame and insulated glass provides energy efficiencies necessary in today's metal buildings. Corle offers as standard the choice of various types of windows, numerous sizes, and two primary colors. Non-standard options such as low E glass, tinted glass, or different colored frames can also be supplied. 

Stacks of Windows
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