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Multi-Station Paint Line 

The line consists of a large track system that transports steel through the Wheelabarator Shot Blaster before sending it through the Global Finishing Systems paint booth. Paint is applied using a manual process. Once painted, the steel travels through the cure oven, providing a long-lasting, high-quality finish. 

This energy-efficient, environmentally friendly process utilizes the filtering and booth containment process, improving product quality and reducing painting and drying time. Corle continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing its customers with the highest quality products and the best value possible. 

Environmentally Friendly Premium Gray Primer

All Corle mainframes are coated with a premium quality environmentally friendly metal primer to create a uniform finish that offers excellent corrosion resistance, early water resistance, and no flash point. 

"Corle Gray" compliments the galvanized secondary members, like the metallic low-spangle, galvanized purlins, and girts.


With our rigid-frame metal buildings, we at Corle set the industry standard with precision.

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