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Our commitment to providing the benefits of environmentally friendly products. 

The color green has always held a place of high importance for Corle Building Systems. It has been the primary corporate color since the beginning of our company. "Corle Green" has come to represent the commitment of the company to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products. 

Corle Building Systems is using recycled materials in the Manufacturing process. We also recycle 100% of the steel waste generated during the manufacturing process. Recycling reduces costs while conserving energy and natural resources. 

In the construction industry, recycling has been driven largely by the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system. The LEED rating system only promotes the use of materials with high levels of recycled content. 

At the end of a building's useful life, about 98% of all structural steel products are recycled back into new steel products that are used for new construction without any loss of physical properties - an amazing reclamation rate!


Environmental Benefits 

  • Enhance and protect ecosystems and biodiversity.

  • Improve air and water quality. 

  • Reduce Solid Waste. 

  • Conserve natural resources. 


Economic Benefits 

  • Reduce operating costs. 

  • Enhance asset's value and profits. 

  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction. 

  • Optimize life-cycle economic performance. 


Health and community benefits 

  • Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments. 

  • Enhance occupant comfort and health.

  • Minimize strain on local infrastructure. 

  • Contribute to the overall quality of life. 

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