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We have framing systems to fill every building requirement!

Rigid Frame 2022.png
Rigid Frame (RF)

The strength and durability of Corle Buildings give you greater design options. We can provide you with gable roofs, single slopes, clear spans, multi-spans, and other rigid frames. 

Rigid Frame Multi-Span 2022.png
Rigid Frame Multi-Span
Tapered Beam 2022.png
Tapered Beam

When choosing a Corle frame, you receive: 

  • Great appearance.

  • Design and size flexibility.

  • Efficient design capabilities.

  • Economical startup cost.

  • Fast construction permanence with non-combustible materials.

  • Load requirements are designed to fit your needs. 

  • A finished look, with all structure steel, shop coated with gray oxide primer.  

Single Slope 2022.png
Single Slope 
Single Slope Multi- Span.png
Single Slope 
Multi- Span
Lean To .png

Standard frame profiles include: 

  • Rigid Frame (RF)

  • Tapered Beam (TB)​

  • Single Slope (SS)

  • Lean-to (LT)

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