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Environmentally Friendly "Cool Roof"

Corle CoolColor panels are manufactured with reflective fluoropolymer Trinar paint. Durable Trinar on Corle CoolColor panels provides reflectance and emissivity to meet ENERGY STAR requirements. 

Authorized Corle independent Builders provide their customers the benefits of lower energy costs, increased roof life expectancies and superior roof color choices, the comfort of our 40-year limited warranty, and a cooler, cleaner, "Greener" environment for all of us. 

Wall and Roof Panel Colors

Colors that meet Cool Roof solar reflectance requirements are: 

Low Slope

(Less than 2:12):

-Arctic White 

High Slope

(Greater than 2:12)

  • Arctic White 

  • Parchment 

  • Buckskin Tan 

  • Antique Red 

  • Ash Gray 

  • Light Stone 

When you choose Corle 'R', 'A' Seam lok, Vertical Lok, or 22-24- or 26-gauge panels for commercial or industrial buildings, you can also choose from a selection of (12) great high-quality Trinar colors. All Corle trim is available in the same colors at no extra charge. 

CoLOR cHART .png
New Color.png

New Color!!

Ceram-A-Star* 1050 "Bright Red" Paint Finish is now available. 

*This is not a Trinar color and does not offer the same warranty. 

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