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"Reverse" Panel

"Corle Reverse Roll": A wall panel utilizing a semi-concealed fastening system. Manufactured from 26 or 24- gauge galvalume substrate. Corle "Reverse Roll" Panel and 1-1/4" deep major ribs 12" on center, minor ribs 4" on center, covering 36" per panel width. 

  • ASTM E1680 Air Leakage Test through Exterior Metal Roof Panel Systems

  • ASTM E1646 Water Penetration Test of Exterior Metal Roofing 

The Corle "R", Corle "A", and Corle "Reverse Roll" wall panels share the same standard option as follows: Panels ordered by length (ft. -in) in 1/16" increments up to 50'-0". Available in clear coated galvalume or one of the 12 standard colors. 

Reverse Roll Panel 2022.png
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