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Vertical Lok
Corle Vertical Lok Architectural roof panels with 2" nominal seam height are manufactured from a 24-gauge galvalume substrate with a factory-applied sealant utilizing concealed clip application for thermal movement. 360-degree seaming and making a weather-tight installation & is UL rated. The roofing system utilizes a complete color matching system with Trinar 40-Year limited warranty color finishes for roofs and walls. 
  • Saves time and labor costs by eliminating the need to tear off the existing roof. 

  • ASTM E1680 Air Leakage Test through Exterior Metal Roof Panel System. 

  • ASTM E1646 Water Penetration Test of Exterior Metal Roof Panel System.

  • A fast, simple, functional, and cost-effective solution for re-roofing projects on existing buildings. 

  • A pre-engineered roofing system can be installed right over existing flat roofs or roofs with various elevations and pitches. 

  • Creates the aesthetically- pleasing look of a new building simply by adding a new roof. 

  • Ideal for standard gable, single slope roofs, hip roofs, roof extensions, facades, standards, or roof joining existing buildings. 

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